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RBH Associates

Accountant in Nuneaton

Accounts and Business Support in Nuneaton and local areas

From start-ups to the mature business looking for an exit strategy why not maximise the benefit available from 40 years of dealing with small owner-managed businesses to:

  • Review or set up systems to help you understand your business and what it needs.
  • Provide your business with a business plan including, integrated profit and loss account and balance sheet with a cash flow tailored to your needs with assumptions for your bank or other funding providers, that allow for what-if scenarios.
  • Provide regular management accounts that can help you with decision making, as well as be used to provide a rolling budget to help highlight when cash could be short so you can plan for it.
  • How best to finance projects and where to look for the funding.
  • Suggestions on how, in our experience, you could make your business more profitable or better placed in your market.
  • Comparing the tax effects of differing commercial ventures.
  • Providing help on your book-keeping to make it easier and provide more information that you need about your business.

Or even just to help you set up simple and easy to use book-keeping system.

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