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For book keeping in Nuneaton and the surrounding areas we can provide; a book keeping service from our office or at your premises, produce and submit vat returns on your behalf from book keeping records that you have kept, review your book keeping systems to see if there are new controls that can be put in place and just as importantly if there is a different way to record or show certain information that will then provide you with useful information in running your business.

Our free  web app’s from Apple and Android  devices can help you do the following.

  • Have up to date tax tables when ever you need them.
  • Use our mileage tracker to help keep a log of those important business miles.
  • Use the receipt manager to keep your expense claims simple.
  • Latest share, fund prices and  precious metals at the touch of a button.
  • Use the upto date currency converter to check overseas quotes and prices.
  • Use our calculators for loan calculations, company car benefits, payslips.
  • Find out if dividends or salary will best the way for you to with draw money from your company.
  • Use our “Should I Incorporate” calculator to give you food for thought.
  • Information on the latest finance news, budet news, calulators for VAT, APR, Stamp Duty, what should I charge as contractor,corporation tax income tax, useful links to software providers, the Asset based Finance Association (ABFA) for recomendations on factoring etc and so much more all in one place.

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Business Start Ups Nuneaton

  • Initial free consultation where we will listen about your proposed business and the plans you have.
  • Provide advice on what records to keep and how and whether you should be using a book keeping package and if so which one!
  • Provide some helpful hints while you get to know and grow your business
  • Be available to ensure that you have the support you need  to keep you on top of the all important business finances.
  • Providing a friendly and helpful service to ensure your business has the support it needs in your new adventure.

Accounts production Nuneaton and tax returns  for sole traders & partnerships

  • Profit & loss account & balance sheet with last year’s /period’s figures for comparatives.
  • Client approval certificate which is signed after the accounts have been fully explained in terms that you will understand.
  • Accountants Report, a badge of quality that shows the accounts have been produced by a professional firm of Chartered Certified Accountants.
  • Fixed asset register detailing all of the assets being used in the business, by date, cost to your business and under categories that make sense to you.
  • Self assessment tax returns based on the accounts that we file on line on your behalf.

Statutory and abbreviated accounts and tax returns for Limited Companies

  • Accounts including Directors Report, Accountants report, profit & loss account, balance sheet, accounting policies and appropriate notes all fully explained in terms that you will understand.
  • The accounts are guaranteed to be compliant with the latest Companies Act requirements and the ever present Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities.
  • The accountants report is a badge of quality showing that the accounts have been completed by a firm of professional Chartered Certified Accountants.
  • Neatly bound statutory accounts also include a detailed trading & profit & loss account.
  • The abbreviated accounts that are filed online at Companies House for public view contain only a balance sheet and a few legally required notes. We don’t want your competitors to have too much information.
  • All of which is completed well within the monthly time limits as dictated by the Companies Act and avoiding penalties.
  • Corporation tax return prepared based on the signed accounts, along with tax computations for you to keep, again a copy of the return will filed on line and on time.

Wages for all types of business

  • Weekly, monthly or 4 weekly we will provide wage slips for all employees.
  • Each month or quarter we will let you know what PAYE/NIC you need to pay over to HM Revenue & Customs.
  • Most importantly we can operate your payroll within the RTI regime.
  • P14’s and P60’s provided for each employee including P11D’s if required.

Self Assessment tax returns Nuneaton for individuals

  • Your personal self assessment tax return information maintained on our integrated software ensures an accurate and efficient service.
  • If you need a tax return because you are renting a second home, because you are a doctor with more than one source of income, because you suddenly have a capital gain to report we can cater for you and file your return on line and on time.
  • We hate late, especially when it can costs you from £100. We will remind you, but all we need is for you to provide the information that we will have identified with you that you need to send us on a timely basis.
  • We will not be found shy if HMRC enquire into your tax affairs, providing clear and informative advice on the best way forward. We also offer our clients an insurance that covers our fees should HMRC make any sort of enquiry into your tax affairs.

General accounts business and tax advice for small businesses

  • How to finance projects.
  • Suggestions on how, in our experience you could make your business more profitable or better placed in your market.
  • Comparing the tax effects of differing commercial ventures.
  • Providing help on your book-keeping to make it easier and provide more information that you need about your business.
  • Or simply providing helpful advice on how to use Sage Line 50.
  • Help you set up simple and easy to use book-keeping systems


Business plans, cash flow projection and management accounts

  • We can provide a business plan including, integrated profit and loss account and balance sheet with a cash flow tailored to your needs with assumptions for your bank or other funding providers.
  • Or we can provide the integrated cash flow projections so that you can vary key areas of your business and see the potential impact it could have on your business. Perhaps the bank are pushing for you to factor your debts then we can use an integrated cash flow projections to see what impact that could have on your business, is it really the answer to your funding requirements.taxation nuneaton
  • We can provide monthly or quarterly management accounts that we can use to update a cash flow projection with so you can see where you are on budget or help identifies costs that are too high or even too low.
  • Any business plan or projection model will be tailored specifically to your business requirements to help provide you with the information you really want to see on monthly or quarterly basis.

RBH Associates can now help provide legal advice in association with Edward Lewis & Hands Solicitors.

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